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Black Large C-shaped half-moon circle metal handle

Black Large C-shaped half-moon circle metal handle

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Our C-shaped black half-moon drawer handles are the perfect choice to elevate the aesthetics of your cabinetry and furniture. These handles have been crafted to provide a touch of contemporary elegance to your living spaces. Whether you're looking to revamp your kitchen cabinets, bedroom dressers, or any other furniture piece, these handles are a sleek addition. 

Our designers have paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that these handles not only enhance the functionality of your furniture but also add a touch of sophistication. The sleek black finish exudes a timeless appeal, making them suitable for various design styles, from minimalistic to industrial.

One of the standout features of these handles is their versatility. When combined in pairs to create a circle, they instantly become a focal point, adding a unique and eye-catching "wow" factor to your cabinets or drawers. 

Colours:  Matt Black

Also comes in gold - see separate listing

113 mm long x 55 mm wide

Approx 96 mm between holes

Screw length 25 mm


Price is per handle so 2 handles makes a circle 

Material: Zinc Alloy

To measure correctly and consistently between holes, the use of a cabinetry jig or template is recommended.

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