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Dark Rattan cabinet handle with brass edges

Dark Rattan cabinet handle with brass edges

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Our dark rattan cabinet handles with brass edges epitomize timeless elegance and natural beauty. Crafted from organic and authentic rattan, they seamlessly blend strength and shape, embodying nature's touch in interior decor. Rattan is not only on trend but also fantastically resilient, ensuring longevity in style.

As a material experiencing a stylish resurgence, rattan exudes a classic charm that effortlessly complements any aesthetic. Paired with white colonial-style furniture, our dark rattan handles create a striking contrast, enhancing the sophistication of any space. The rich, deep tones of the rattan exude warmth and character, adding depth to your decor while the brass edges provide a touch of luxury.

Dimensions: 14cm long with approx 9.6cm between bolts.  Please read dimensions carefully before purchase and see the last picture for details. 

To measure correctly and consistently between holes, the use of a cabinetry jig or template is recommended.

As with all hand-crafted handles, there may be very slight variations in colour and dimensions.

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