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Large Rattan Cabinet Drawer handle

Large Rattan Cabinet Drawer handle

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These elongated rattan drawer handles effortlessly enhance coastal, Hamptons, and modern furniture and cabinetry with their versatile appeal.

Infusing a natural warmth into any space, they beautifully complement classic white or timber grain finishes for a layered effect. With the option to position them horizontally or vertically, they offer flexibility in design. For a cohesive look, consider pairing them with our t-bar pull, available separately.

Hand-woven and crafted from natural fibers, each handle possesses its own distinct character, adding an authentic touch to your decor. Elevate your space with the timeless charm of these handmade rattan drawer handles, each one bringing a unique flair to your interior design projects.

As each piece is hand-woven and created from natural fibres, each piece will have its own special character.

Also available in a small rattan t-bar 

14cm long x 1.5cm wide

Distance between holes is approx 10.3cm - PLEASE SEE PIC FOR DIMENSIONS as the distance between holes is a little irregular - for example, they are not a standard kitchen handle spacing.

Bolt length : approx 3.5cm

Sold individually

Material:  Rattan and metal 

Price is per piece

These handles are handmade which adds to their character and appeal. Due to this reason, there may be slight variations between pieces. 

To measure correctly and consistently between holes, the use of a cabinetry jig or template is recommended.

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