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Beautifully Handled

Natural large round rattan handle

Natural large round rattan handle

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These natural hand-crafted rattan handles with brass edges have been woven with the skill of talented artisans.  With the resurgence of the popularity of rattan products, it is wonderful to see that this skill has not been lost over time. 

These handles are just stunning - and will give any piece a lux look.  They look perfect on Hamptons and coastal furniture, are beautifully made and have a high-end finish - just perfect for that special piece. 

A timeless look that will last generations and still look fabulous. 

Total length : 14 cm and approximate distance between screws is 9.6mm but please see pictures for dimensions and choose your selection based on that criteria. 

Please avoid getting these handles wet and treat with care. 

As these handles are hand-crafted there may be slight variations between pieces in colour and dimensions. This should be appreciated and understood as part of the process. However, we will do our best to choose the most similar handles in any order. 

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