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Modern round cabinet knob

Modern round cabinet knob

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Boasting  a minimalist modern design, these modern round knobs are tailor-made for complementing contemporary furniture and cabinetry. Their sleek silhouette gives them an air of sophistication that perfectly suits updated interior spaces.

When paired with a dark backdrop, the gold handles create a striking contrast, infusing an element of glamour.  They are a addition to contemporary doors and drawers. Their ability to visually command attention enhances the overall allure of the furniture, making them a centerpiece of both design and function.

By blending timeless materials with contemporary forms, these round knobs harmoniously merge classic elements with modern aesthetics. Their versatility shines through in their compatibility with various styles and the transformative impact they have on different settings. Whether it's on sleek cabinetry, elegant doors, or chic drawers, these knobs have the potential to redefine and elevate the design of contemporary spaces.


  • Black
  • Brass Gold

Size:  28mm diameter x 32mm high (baseplate diameter 19mm)

Price is per knob

Material:  Aluminium

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