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Timber handle t-bar pull with resin edges

Timber handle t-bar pull with resin edges

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Exquisitely crafted by hand by talented artisans, these t-bar pulls, made from a combination of resin and mango wood, boast a distinct and captivating aesthetic that is sure to command attention on any kitchen cabinet or furniture piece. Their unique blend of materials gives an earthy yet modern feel, creating a beautiful contrast that elevates the appeal of updated furniture items.

With their inherent charm, these timber handles have a contemporary silhouette that is a lovely modern and warm addition to your home.

The versatility of these pulls shines through as they seamlessly complement rustic and coastal-style furniture. Their ability to harmoniously merge with these distinct design aesthetics highlights their adaptability and universal appeal. Whether placed on weathered farmhouse pieces or incorporated into breezy beach-inspired decor, these pulls effortlessly enhance the overall charm of the furniture.

Incorporating these resin and mango wood t-bar pulls onto furniture is more than just an addition; it's a statement that fuses natural elements with contemporary design. Their appeal lies not only in their visual allure but also in their capacity to infuse a touch of modern sophistication into various interior settings.

These t-bar pulls are complimentary to our Timber handle with resin edges

Price is per piece 

These handles are handmade which adds to their character and appeal. Due to this reason, there may be slight variations between pieces. 

Dimensions are shown on last pic 

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