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Beautifully Handled

White resin and brass handle

White resin and brass handle

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Crafted with precision, these white resin and brass cabinet handles are designed to exude understated luxury.

The milky white resin not only resembles marble but also adds a sense of timeless beauty to your decor. Its neutral yet elegant appeal makes it a versatile choice that seamlessly complements a wide range of decor styles. Whether you have a classic, contemporary, or eclectic interior, these handles are sure to enhance the overall aesthetics.

What sets these handles apart are the sturdy brass bands that add a luxurious touch. The combination of milky white resin and brass creates a harmonious blend of materials.

To measure correctly and consistently between holes, the use of a cabinetry jig or template is recommended.

Dimensions:  Approx 13cm long and 9.8cm between screws.  

Refer to the last pic for details.

Price is per piece

These handles are handmade which adds to their character and appeal. 


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